Saturday , March 7 2015
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A Christian named ‘Mad Dog’ eating Human meat in CAR

Mad dog

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Mad Dog is photographed cutting flesh from a body and licking a bloodied knife Two Muslims or more were murdered and burned in Bangui in a revenge attack Mad Dog – real name Ouandja Magloire. Mad Dog turned up afterwards and carried out his grisly act in front of a crowd Sectarian violence has been rife recently in ... Read More »

Our Advice for All Masturbating Addictive

advice for masturbation addicts

Hi guys and girls, I am an unknown friend of you guys, here I came to make sure that no one of us, reading this post should do Masturbation. If someone ask me whether this is really harmful, I surely says YES it is, because whatever I am gonna talk about Masturbation is my own experience in the past, please note I am ... Read More »

Education is Like Oxygen for Human


It is great quote that “without education man is a slave “. In present world, we all want to be free. We all want to be rich and superior of others. We all like to have our own way to live a beautiful life. The materialistic system of ‘give and take’ seems to be rooted at the very foundation and ... Read More »


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